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Lorenzo Bescansa Adegas has the largest planting in Galicia of native clones of the variety Branco Lexítimo (“Legitimate White”). In fact, we were the first winery in Betanzos that drafted Branco Lexítimo and Agudelo. Since those early days, back in 2005, we remain a small business, very personal, very attached to the land and the country, with artisanal forms of labour in the fields as in the wine cellar. If craftsmanship means personal care, attention to detail, love for things well done, in our case we must add long training, technical rigor and scientific knowledge. Having at the head of the Adegas an expert agronomist, graduated from the Polytechnic of Madrid, ensures the point that explains the special qualities of our wine. Lorenzo Bescansa’s hands try these vines with the love of who, working as an external consultant for wineries all along Galicia and for the CSIC, keeps his own intimate corner here.

Our white is 85% of the variety Branco Lexítimo and 15% Agudelo, with a graduation of 12º. The wine is vinified under controlled temperature and is not subjected to cold or stabilization processes, reason why you can found sediments. On tasting, it is a young white with some complexity and freshness, structured by excellent acidity and length. The Adegas production is about 5,300 bottles.

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